Summer Update

11150702_773070956141171_5240554506695329263_nFirst update in a while – not that I imagine many will be too bothered about not having much to read about Notts in the aftermath of another relegation.

Things are however ticking over nicely at this end and so I figured I would post a quick update to the website so people are fully aware of what we’re up to.

T H E   F A N Z I N E

Issues 14 and 15 have already started production. Issue 14 (on your left) will be out for the first game of pre-season at Hucknall on Saturday, July 11th, with the next issue out I’m hoping in time for the first game of the season just under a month later. So far all is going to plan for that to happen at least.

We’re using a different printing firm as well going forward which has allowed us to go full colour and the results are already looking pretty decent in my opinion.

Issue 14 can in the meantime be pre-ordered here. Subscriptions (six issues at a time) are available here.

W R I T E R S   &   A D V E R T I S E R S

We’re always on the lookout for new columnists either for the ‘zine or the website. Similarly if you have a business or a product that you’d like to advertise within our pages, get in touch. With us looking to increase output we can never have enough writers on board. We’ve already added a number of new people for the new season but we always want more.

T H E   W E B S I T E

I’ve given things a new lick of paint on here. Hopefully over the next few weeks some of our columnists will be stepping up to produce articles for both the fanzine and the website – means we can be a bit more up to date in the things we do.

Certainly expect match reports in the very least going forward however. We’ve tried this in the past and it’s never really taken off so we’ll see how it goes this time.

N O T T I N G H A M   P O S T   C O L U M N S

For the past few months now the Nottingham Post have been kind/daft enough to offer me a few column inches in the paper every Thursday. The articles are also available online to read – such as last week’s here where I discussed a few hopes and concerns for the season ahead of us. My next piece appears this Thursday (June 4th).

G O A L   O F   T H E   S E A S O N

This went up a few weeks ago now, but I’m posting it again since it didn’t go up on the website at the time.

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