Issue 11 Out Now For £2

Been dreading posting this update as a price increase is something I’ve tried to avoid since we first set up.

I’ve fought against this for so long but there came a point (about two weeks ago) where it wasn’t fair to put it on Richard (who handles the printing) anymore. I’m hopeful it’s a temporary measure however – the moment I get a few more advertisers on board I’d like to take it back to £1. We’re looking at offering lifetime advertising slots in the near future – if we sold them at a rate of one per issue then we’ll go back to being £1. It’s really that simple.

Meanwhile, most of you will know that I was this week appointed the Notts County Supporter Liaison Officer. What does this mean for the fanzine? Absolutely nothing – and I made that clear myself at the interview stage. The fanzine’s content won’t change. Our writers have never been given parameters with regards to the tone of their articles and that won’t change. Just so happens that issue 11 (out now)  is a largely positive issue, but I guess that’s just the general mood at present. I did put the appeal out on Twitter actually that we needed at least a hint of negativity but had no takers!

You can order issue 11 right here – full contents at the link!


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