New Left Lion Article

llLast week I was set the somewhat difficult task of putting Oldham away – the final act of Notts’ latest Great Escape – into words for Nottingham’s Left Lion as part of my monthly Left PieOn column.

Just last night the article went live on their website, complete with ill-advised crowd photo. Hopefully people will read it and be able to remember their own memories from the day. Those who weren’t among the 3,500 there? Well hopefully you’ll get even the slightest of insights into the afternoon.

Usually in these articles I would run through the month’s Meadow Lane events, but such was the enormity of the final day that games like Bristol City away, or Crawley and Swindon Town at home went by with barely a mention. Any other point this season they’d have taken up whole articles by themselves. Nevermind!

Check out the article right here. The Notts are staying up.


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