Black & White Fanzine Update


Given that I’ve had a few people get in touch to ask where issue 9 is I figured I’d post an update on here.

Issue 9 – a dark, impending-relegation slog  – was about 90% done. Many articles were tuned towards life in League Two, such was the mood of the time. Obviously we’re relieved we didn’t put it out the way things turned out! So whilst not completely back to square one, a lot of work needed to go back into it. It’s coming along nicely however and should be out within the next 2-3 weeks. We hope to have a pre-order link up in the next week or so.

Meanwhile there’ll be a few changes to the website over the course of the next few months. More writers, more stories – for those who want a platform for their articles but when the release of the next issue might just be too far away. Match reports, news updates, hopefully some interviews – that kind of thing really.

If you wish to be involved, by all means get in touch!

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