Issue 6 – Dean Leacock interview

6coverBack for a new season – several headaches in trying to get back into the editing routine but we got it to the printers eventually!

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Here’s the full list of contents in the latest issue anyway. I wasn’t sure how good an issue we could put together with so little happening in pre-season but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the level of content we’ve put together – I hope people will agree.

Neal Bishop has gone – Alex Matthews offers his appraisal of both his time at Notts, and his departure.

Richard Ogando examines what the club can do to remove it’s unfashionable tag.

The new season is articulated perfectly by Drew Dennis

How Notts managed to sign the England captain is put into words by Helen Faccio

Dave Fells looks at the story of Billy Corkhill – grandfather of Notts’ Greg Tempest.

Luke Williamson dissects the future of English football.

Paul Smith pulls another double shift – grabbing interviews with new Notts skipper Dean Leacock, an ex-Magpie Ben Davies.

Graham Farquharson meanwhile takes time with Dave Straw to look ahead at the fixture list for the campaign

Ian Cooksey looks at pre-season fixtures of the past.

Callum of Glastonbury-conqeuring Saint Raymond has a chat with Darren Patterson.

Dean Fido and Sean Mansfield look into whether the club’s lengthy pre-season silence was a good thing, or a bad thing.

Stephen Moore looks at whether it’s right to keep hiring and firing, myself meanwhile looked back at the managerial appointments under the Trew regime.

Pre-season friendly importance is put under the microscope by Jacob Daniel.

Sean Redgate returns to the Away Days fold with his story about Notts’ trip to Roker Park in 1988.

Alan Combes looks back to the days of the W Gash football bus.

And Aston Perrin looks ahead to the first month of the season’s away days.

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