The Jimmy & Jack Statue Fund

Both the club’s 150th year and the Jimmy & Jack Statue Fund have been up for discussion plenty recently on the Notts Mad board. So with Black & White’s first issue selling out, it occured to me: as supporters, why not try and do something for both?

What i’m proposing is we put together a special edition of the fanzine (in truth, it’d likely include enough content to become a book) featuring Notts fans’ stories from the club. It can be anything. A favourite game, the best goal you’ve ever seen, that most memorable away day, a player you’ve most admired over the years. They don’t even have to be the best moments – if you’ve a tale to tell from some of the darker days we can always make room for those as well.

As it’s Notts County’s 150th year, we need submissions from 150 supporters. Shouldn’t be too difficult surely? Not sure of a price yet, anything ranging from a quid up to £10 have been suggested so far – regardless so long as we cover the printing costs, all the profits will go towards the Jimmy & Jack Statue Fund.

With an initial print run of 500 and with advertising slots sold we’d be looking at raising four figures in the very least. If there’s enough demand, then we print more copies. And this is just one of a number of fundraising ideas currently being considered to raise money for the statue fund, so let’s get this one off the ground and go from there.

What we need from people is simple enough:

Your name
Your location
Your age
Your story in 200 words

That’s all it takes. If at all possible, supplying a photo would be fantastic as well! If we could keep the publication to just fan taken shots I think it would look great personally. Even if you’ve got photos that you’ve taken and don’t have a story, get in touch.

The address to send submissions to is the sooner they start coming in the better!

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