YouTube: Buxton v Notts


Rather than go pain-stakingly in-depth with yesterday’s game in the quite beautiful surroundings of Buxton, here are the highlights from the match instead.

Because honestly – what’s the point? These contests, particularly those played barely a week since the side returned to training will hold no significance over the season whatsoever! We were only just reminded of this in the best way possible last season.

Keith Curle fielded two teams for each period, with what you’d imagine to be an even split of what you would imagine will be his first choice XI. Standout performers on the afternoon were Alan Judge (no surprise there then!), Julian Kelly and Enzo Fuentes – the only one of a number of trialists that were able to impress.

Buxton took the lead in the second half through a penalty, before Alan Sheehan replied with a spot-kick of his own in the last of two minutes stoppage time.

The teams were First Half Bialkowski, Regan (t), Williams (t), Labadie, Smith, Leacock, Arquin, Boucard (t), Showunmi, Judge, J Hughes Second Half Mitchell, Kelly, Sheehan, Bishop, Bencherif, Jones (t), Waite, Liddle, Phoenix (t), Raymond (t), Fuentes (t)

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