Fanzine: The Notts Blog #1

Trying to get something started here – likely to be destined for failure but it’s worth a shot!

This Summer I’ve been working on a hard copy fanzine which I’m hoping to get released in time for the new season.

It’s currently a 36-page effort with two parts to it. Mostly it’s a review of the last 12 months, then a preview of all 23 other nPower League One clubs written by fans of those teams themselves.

But I want to see if there’s enough interest in getting people to contribute for future copies – which will most likely come under a different name. Fanzines run on submitted efforts from other fans so it needs people who want to get involved so long as it’s football related. Similarly, if any small businesses want any ad space to help towards the running costs, that’d be grand too!

There’ll obviously be match reports and interviews, so then it just needs some submissions to go on top of that really! There’s no time frame, just as long as there’s enough content to fill the pages then it’ll release when it’s ready – there’s no sense in forcing deadlines here.

If you’re interested, leave a comment, get in touch via Twitter or hit the Contact tab under the About button at the top of the page.

In the meantime – this site will have a full relaunch on Monday, July 2nd. I’m also adding audio and video to the which can be found in the Categories section at the top under Uploads. The site has branched out to Facebook and Google+ as well so give it a “like” if you want.

To mark the relaunch there’ll be an upload which EVERY Notts County fan will love, guaranteed!

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  1. paolo972 says:

    will definetely be interested in receiving a hard copy even if on a twice a year basis or something like that..monthly will be of course top class!..

    1. Stu says:

      I’d very much like to go with three or four of year if possible – has to be enough content to make each edition worthwhile I think!

      Thank you for your interest though.

  2. magpiedave says:

    The very best of luck with the fanzine Stu – the instant nature of the internet meant that people published articles on there rather than submitting them to The Pie for printing a week or two later when they may have been out of date. It is a problem for all newspapers etc – you have to have stuff to read that other sources (like the programme) don’t have – but of course you already know all that. Definitely put me down for a copy of each issue though.

    Good luck – hope it happens


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