Goodbye Old Friend

Even in buoyant mood following two wins on the bounce, the mood last weekend on the way down to Yeovil Town was a sombre one for me and my pilot Sean.

You see, this was the day we were to say goodbye to his Prius, the chariot that in such a short space of time carried us forth to some fantastic results watching Notts both home and abroad!

Starting with the home win against Rochdale in the 2009/10 season which effectively sealed the title that season, right up until yesterday’s defeat, the old girl shall never be forgotten having gotten us to games like epic away victories at the likes of Sunderland, Tranmire and Peterborough – and spectacles like the grand opening of the Juventus Arena this past September.

Well, it got us to the airport – that was half the battle!

Not to say times were always so bright and breezy. For every high point in the league there was an afternoon of resentment to accompany it. The day we all felt we were relegated after defeat at Dagenham, capitulations at Sheffield Wednesday or Preston, or the flatness of an afternoon at the beatable unbeatables of Huddersfield Town.

There’s no forgetting either the freezing evening at Brentford as Notts battled to a solid point with nine men, or the day Notts took a point from Southampton’s St Mary’s Stadium (incidentally, the last side to do so until last weekend!).

And so, the environmentally friendly beast of a vehicle is retired, passed on elsewhere, with a league record of won five, drawn two and unfortunately now lost six- Saturday’s game ensuring the car goes out on a low note.

Goodbye old friend. We’ll remember you fondly when the next Prius arrives in January…even if it is apparently red!

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