Supporter’s Game Postponed

The supporters game versus Notts County on December 5th has been postponed – a rearrangement will follow in the near future.

It was already known the game would clash with FA Cup weekend but the fixture with Sutton United now taking place the day before (and at 5pm) means our game has been put back.

This is of course the same Notts that took to the field against Walsall at Meadow Lane less than 48 hours after a Champions League fixture at Juventus. It can only mean one thing – the County players are running scared!

Martin Allen, who was due to manage an all-star supporters team including myself will have taken on feedback from key players like Neal Bishop and will feel the need obviously to protect his regular first team squad. You can only imagine the fear going through such player’s minds.

Completely understandable, preparation for the fixture (including regular lengthy sessions with the X-Box 360’s Kinect system no less!) have intensified and I was feeling confident from in front of the TV. Admittedly, less so when I would look out at the Meadow Lane pitch on a Saturday and be fearful of even a Stuart Nelson goal kick being bombed my way!

My part in the game of course was being used to raise money for the Ty Hafan Children’s Hospice in south Wales. Nothing has changed there – aside from the fact it now gives me longer to raise money. So, any of those players who’re on the hide from us can donate here if they wish! (c’mon, i’ve tweeted you the link, I know you can see this message!)

I don’t see the game happening anytime soon – no way after last year that the club will be wanting anymore activity than is necessary on the playing surface.

On a serious note – obviously I understand (and support) the decision to put the game off for the timebeing – FA Cup glory is quite obviously the priority and I of course wish Notts all the best against Sutton United.

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  1. ncfcog says:

    Couldn’t agree more, I’m sure the thought of me snapping away at Bish’s ankles in the centre of the park is giving him sleepless nights!!

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