All Roads Lead To Turin

Here we go then – how to put the unimaginable into words!

On a world stage, being beamed into millions of homes all over the earth – a team of modern day footballing legends take to the field of a brand new sporting arena – to take on Juventus.

Like i said in my previous post, this is ridiculous. We’ve had three weeks to come to terms this fixture but the closer it draws the no nearer we come to accepting it’s still happening.

Martin Allen this week released the names that made his 22 man squad for the trip – with a few notable omissions and selections.

Ben Burgess is given the chance to celebrate being taken off the transfer list by securing a place on the plane.

Youngsters Haydn Hollis, George Nicholas, Curtis Thompson and Mad Pup Charlie Allen all travel for this once in a lifetime occasion. Even if Notts County remains the pinnacle of their careers, they can always say they were a part of this historical occasion.

Claude Davis, a man who apparently isn’t even on trial, merely training with Notts gets a slot on the flight. He even manages to get the green light ahead of the likes of the newly listed John Spicer, Liam Chilvers and Sam Sodje. Another nail in their Meadow Lane career’s coffins, or merely well rested reinforcements for Walsall on Saturday?

Christian Montano stays back in Nottingham also, an apparent victim of VISA problems. After that goal on Saturday against Bournemouth, you would imagine he would’ve been amongst the first names on the team sheet. Does a League One start now beckon for Saturday?

The squad flew out from London this morning, tailed by the likes of Colin Slater and Football Focus’ Clem for a feature on Saturday’s show. A number of supporters who have made their way over throughout the week leading up until tomorrow’s event are already in position, waiting to be joined by those arriving today and tomorrow.

No one expects a victory (in fact you have to predict a hammering), just a bloody good time in the hope that Notts County can play their part on a world stage.

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