Bent Over A Barrel

Notts County Chairman & Owner Ray TrewSo here we go again then – another game, another ticket debacle.

There’s at least a sting in the tail this time around though in that at least in the past, everyone who wanted a ticket would get one.

Unlike more recent fixtures like Sunderland, Manchester City and Nottingham Forest where no supporters were forced to miss out – Notts have been ever so kindly given 100 tickets by our historically-twinned friends at Juventus for the glamour friendly on September 8th to open their stunning new home.

With guesstimates about those who have already booked their flights and accommodation ranging upto 500, there’s now a genuine concern for many that they’ll be forced to take up a seat outside of the arena on the night.

That’s if they even bother to travel now.

Worst yet for some, is that these tickets cost €100 (currently £87). When you factor in that money already spent though – you figure you’ve invested enough to ignore something this minor. Besides, what price can you really pay for this sort of opportunity? Does Juventus away appear in your Notts County plans for the next decade or so?

Those concerned with the lack of tickets have reacted angrily as expected – many who didn’t even intend to travel in the first place!

Attitudes have begun to swing wildly about the game. Suddenly to some, the game doesn’t rank as an important fixture. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Fact is that Juve have Notts County bent over a barrel – and my word do they know it. They’re aware that the much publicised end game for Ray Trew and his board of directors is to host the Italian juggernaut at Meadow Lane in the Summer. They can list their demands – and in the grand scheme of things, taking a hit in travelling support is worth it for the possibility of a sold out Meadow Lane come the end of the season.

The money generated from that Summer fixture would be huge, certainly big enough to make the Turin arrangements a lot easier to swallow. The supporters often want money to be spent at Notts – this is one of those events that will generate the sort of money they want to see!

I would suggest that those so outraged with the situation who’re playing the game’s relevance down won’t be quite so angry when they take up their usual seats to see Juventus walk out of the Pavis Stand tunnel.

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  1. malc says:

    Hind sight is a wonderful thing, and whilst the initial ticket furore upset many that had intended to travel, in a nutshell, “it was all right in the end”. A few squeaky bums in the run up, but those that kept the faith were rewarded by THE MOST memorable day in the 50 years that i have been going to Meadow Lane.
    Ironically those that unfortunately couldn’t attend, and those that “jumped ship” when it got a little uncertain, will forever regret the opportunity that had come their way and was missed, I believe that nothing will ever superceed Thursday September 8th 2011
    in Notts County Football Club’s history ever again.

    1. Stu says:

      Absolutely agree Malc. Looking back on the whole occasion I don’t think anyone would’ve felt particularly short-changed even if they’d paid double!

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