Post-Match: Kettering Town

Notts County bounced back from defeat at Hinckley United last weekend with a 1-0 victory at Kettering Town’s Rockingham Road ground.

I again took the chance to speak with Town fan Gary Lewis of the Poppies At The Gates Of Non Park blog to get his view of the match in which trialist (at that point) Alex Wall gave Notts the spoils.

Kettering were fielding a lot of trialists on Wednesday, who were the standouts for you?

I was happy to see Jean Paul Marna and Moses Ashikodi play together up front for the first half. Due to injuries, and players being out of favour, they have never really been given a go together.

Midfielder Jon Challinor looked good in the second half. He joined us mid-way through last season but never seemed entirely fit. Hopefully he will be better for us this coming season.

Of the trialists, the ones that stood out for me were (consults official Poppies website for names) Adam Strachan, Aman Verma, and the Ifil brothers. I won’t get too excited though, as, chances are they will end up elsewhere when the season kicks off!

How did you feel the game went? Nice to have a distraction from off-field matters?

We knocked the ball around nicely at times, which is no surprise as this is how Morrell Maison’s teams always play. Most Poppies fans have serious issues with Morrell’s re-appointment, due in no small part to his off-field activities, but the same fans will all point to several games under him during his previous stint which were amongst the best performances we have ever seen.

As to our own off-field matters – the majority of fans have resigned themselves to at least giving playing our “home” games at Nene Park a go for the first few matches. No one is happy about it, but what choice do we have? I can’t believe it will ever feel like home, but short of starting a park team playing on the local rec, what can we do?

And performances (rightly or wrongly) for Notts that stood out for you?

Really sorry, I wasn’t paying a tremendous amount of attention to your guys. I spent most of the first half looking with horror at our central defender Nathan Koo Boothe, who has everything going for him as a footballer other than any footballing ability. He played for us a few years ago and wasn’t anywhere near good enough for Conference North. The opposition strikers in our current division will think it’s Christmas everday with him around!

How do you see your season shaping up from here?

It’s “suck it and see” time. IF the move to “Non-Park” happens, and IF the Chairman remains interested for the entire season, and IF enough of us make the trip over there we may hold our own…but those “IFS” are adding up already.

Personally I hope County have a good season in League One. When you are a little club like us you tend to look out for the results of the bigger teams you play in the FA Cup, although, curiously not the really big teams. For instance, I often see your results, or Hartlepool or Lincoln, and know where in the league you are, but couldn’t give two hoots about the likes of Leeds.

You can keep up to date with Gary’s views of Kettering Town at his blog here.

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