Post-Match: Mansfield Town

County picked up their second win of the week with a 2-1 victory away at local rivals Mansfield Town thanks to goals from Hamza Bencherif and the returning Neal Bishop.

Stags fan Craig Priest of Covering The Angles and Takeover Radio on 106.9FM caught up with me once more to give me his point of view on last Friday’s encounter.

Even for a friendly match, there appeared to be a great atmosphere at Field Mill. What was your take on the game?

Mansfield Vs Notts is always an atmosphere-bringing fixture, two minutes in and I forgot it was a friendly – then I looked at my team sheet and saw how many trailists were on show!

Jokes aside, it was great to be at another Stags Vs Notts fixture, one day we’ll meet again in the Football League and bragging rights will be restored! The game was a typical derby in the first half, then a testimonal style friendly in the second.

A poor hit from Smith with the penalty, two strong finishes from Connor with one flagged offside – looked onside for me, but i’m sure a few said that about Isden Christie at Meadow Lane! Our defence looked shakey and two errors again cost us, however that weakness has been plugged and fixed with the arrival post match of your ex-skipper John Thompson.

Who impressed you the most last Friday night from either side?

Alan Sheehan has improved mightly since his time with us, he’s a great signing from Martin Allen for you.

Ritchie Sutton (Right Back #2) looked comfortable, Lindon Meikle showed quick feet and promises to be a great signing by Cox, Paul Connor also looked sharp, a massive improvement from a few months back when he could barley walk at Wembley – sad times! Shane Redomnd who came on in the second half was outstanding too, had it not been for him, you’d have grabbed at least another two late on. As a unit, we showed flashes of what could be – we’re still a long way off.

You guys looked in good shape and in all honesty, grew as the game progressed – it’ll be interesting to see how you progress.

Much has been made of Louis Briscoe’s challenge on Charlie Allen in the first-half – how did you see it?

It was on the far side from me and as it happened, I was fidling with wires as normal so only saw the aftermath – and that was clouded out by Martin allens steam comming from his ears!

I’ve seen worse tackles in a stags vs notts derby though, Kevin Pilkingtons challenge on Chris Beardsley springs to mind! You expect tackles in a derby, both sides were as bad as each other, from what i’ve heard, Charlie will be fine as will Briscoe who took an elbow from Bishop late in the first half! No grudges are hold by anyone though – it’s part and parcel of football, if there wasnt any tackles in a derby game, well the world would be a duller place!

What did you think of the Notts performance in general?

Notts played well, they did what any good side should do – captilised on defensive errors and in the second half, tore Mansfield’s trialist back four apart in truth. Defensively, quick passing had you beaten at times, but a combintion of good recovery and poor thought on our part saw it break down. The long throw in which un-did us many times in the second half was a handful to deal with, you’ve a real weapon there!

And how do you see this season going for the Stags?

It’s still early days for us, but we’ve a good nucleus and after the signing of Thompson the whole club has lifted, take into account tonight’s game agaisnt Doncaster, things are slowly but surley slotting into place. We’ll be up there.

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