OS Blog #5: Higher Reaches Of The Prospects

A difficult blog to write this week considering there was no action on the pitch (for whatever reason). So basically i was left to discuss largely the FA Cup Draw that awaits us if we can get past Bournemouth and the weather on Tuesday.Also I give massive thanks to club Chairman Ray Trew. It can all be read here.

Was all very frustrating considering the game was given the go ahead as early as 11am Saturday morning. The ground staff had arrived at Meadow Lane in the early hours to ensure the game happened. Mission very much accomplished on their part!

Fast forward a further three hours and the game is off barely an hour before the game is due to begin?

And so the blame game began. Was this the fault of the groundstaff? Had the media team been pulling the wool over people’s eyes? As novel as the twist of having an off-field scapegoat was, the fact is only one manager expressed concerns to the referee.

Not to mention only one manager had a squad ravaged with injuries and had just a few days previously released their latest golden goose on loan.

It wasn’t The Guv’nor.

How had a pitch that the official deemed acceptable in the morning, only deteriorated as temperatures rose?

Couple this with the match official’s refusal to be interviewed post-match about his reasons for the abandonement and it really isn’t a struggle to draw your own conclusions!

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