Return Of A Siege Mentality?

PeterboroughAs the feather’s start to settle on the London Road playing surface following Tuesday’s all out riot [sic] with Peterborough, Notts will face the game that will could quite possibly set the tone for the season ahead.

Never has the side’s unpredictable nature been more on show than in Tuesday night’s 3-2 win. The games we’re supposed to lose, we impress. The games we should clean up, we embarass. So what comes next as Sheffield Wednesday come to Meadow Lane?

The inconsistent form thus far suggests Wednesday will take the three points, but is the tide finally turning just as the league table begins to take shape?

Tuesday result and performance was the firmest indication yet that last season’s siege mentality still thrives, and is not afraid to rise to the surface when called upon as Craig Short’s side perhaps struck a win in more ways than one.

Last year on their charge to the League Two title, as dramatic as it may sound, Notts picked up the habit of defeating sides both literally, and mentally. The likes of Rotherham, Northampton, Rochdale and Bury all suffered dips in form after having played Steve Cotterill’s team. Coincidence perhaps? Maybe not.

Let’s see how Peterborough respond this Saturday in their fixture at third placed Carlisle before getting ahead of ourselves though.

But since Tuesday, they’ve taken to the media to criticise Notts County for timewasting (are we the first team to ever slow the play down when holding onto a lead? I have to think not), feigning injury (Alan Judge wasn’t hurt enough apparently from a two-footed scything), and playing tactics that stopped them from playing their brand of football (no witty retort necessary).

Stay tuned for updates on any further comedic insight from the Posh.

So Sheffield Wednesday, enduring a torrid season themselves so far both on and off the field visit at a time when County are at their most unpredictable. With a travelling army expected to be close to 5,000 though, they won’t be low on support come 3pm on Saturday.

Lee Hughes will be fit in time for Saturday’s game which will undoubtedly raise a team still riding high following midweek. Likewise Luke Rodgers who was part of a squad on Tuesday for the first time this season. Ricky Ravenhill sits out the game through suspension.

My gut feeling is a goalless draw for this one. I don’t often make predictions but it would be indicative of everything we’ve seen from Notts County so far for their support to start getting excited about the coming months, only for the rug to be pulled from under the proverbial.

What we should definitely be aware of, is the very real threat of another Huddersfield Town-like day.

The Kop’s vocal support can only go so far whilst both the Family and Derek Pavis stands sit on their hands throughout. If Wednesday were to grab an early goal, it could end up being an embarassment for all at Meadow Lane.

But of course, the bigger question is now whether Meadow Lane’s finest shame themselves for the second time in a week by playing tactics that stop their opponents from winning. Eh, Gary Johnson?

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  1. ncfcog says:

    I have to say that my biggest concern is the away support when playing teams like Wednesday. Their support will be huge taking up the whole of the Sirrell which means they will definately make some noise.

    To be fair though Stu you can't expect every part of the ground to bounce around all game like the Kop. I sit in the Pavis and I can assure you that I do not sit on my hands throughout. In fact the support from the Pavis, if not synchronised is nothing but vocal!

  2. Stu says:

    Is it me being horribly out of touch then? It staggers me that it's known that only one end of our ground is recognised as the one that generates the atmosphere.

    Wednesday will make a ton of noise tomorrow.

    But yeah, i don't mean to offend, i know there are people in the Pavis who'll join in. Still amazes me to read stories of people telling others in the Pavis to keep the noise down though haha

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