Saturday At Meadow Lane

This post quite frankly is one huge lump of unpaid advertising. But to be honest, it’s the least i could do for the club, and most notably one half of their media team’s Ralph Shepherd.

If you’re a Notts fan sitting on the fence about making a long roadtrip to Nottingham for Saturday’s game against Wednesday, have a read of this and then give it another thought.

For Saturday is a HUGE day for the club, in some respects the biggest league game at Meadow Lane for a LONG time. Every matchday at the Lane the club will go out of it’s way to get you to part with your cash, here’s this week’s highlights.

First of all, the Meadow Lane Sports Bar, or MLSB (possibly the finest club bar in the Football League) will be opening it’s doors from 10am and will be open throughout the day for people to watch the day’s Ryder Cup action from Celtic Manor, south Wales.

The place went through a stunning refurb in the Summer so that old, beer soaked drop-in centre you may remember from previous years is a distant memory and is now a venue every Notts fan should be proud of.

Each week the club gets in a former player to rub shoulders with. This week in the 1862 Suite is Gary Jones. Gary was a part of Big Sam’s title winning side in the late 90s, so go shake his hand, and rub it in his face that he can’t pick girls up saying “I was in the last title winning side Notts had”. Top man, i think he scored at my third ever Notts match, against Cardiff? First goal? Dunno, too lazy to search, was a good result that day though.

Last year Notts started the Curry Club initiative. A pre-match routine that for £10 got you a curry, a matchday programme, and a free pint (or softer equivalent of course). The experience was also a way of meeting the club’s Chairman and board who would meet and greet the diners.

This year The Mealbarrow took it’s place, offering a wider selection of food. Did it the other week for the first time and it’s a great experience, even met the Chairman’s wife…she didn’t know me, was gutting if i’m honest!

This week’s food offering is Chilli Con Carne. How the club manages to make money off it is baffling, so get on it before they come to their sense! The atmosphere is buzzing, whilst still being more relaxed than the bustle of MLSB.

Now unfortunately, this weekend is one of those horrible matches where the Sirrel Stand is just for the away fans. Can we please not have a repeat of the Huddersfield game and have us outsung from beginning to end? Family Stand, Pavis Stand, you’re all on notice. SING. I don’t care what the old farts sat behind you say, SING.

Notts legend and former England international Jackie Sewell is in the club shop between 1-2pm signing copies of his book. Check out some of the new merch whilst you’re in there, i can recommend the Meadow Lane centenary picture frames, they’re nothing short of special! Buy your kid some posters for his bedroom wall too, buy yourself a new mouse mat maybe, or at least a bag of sweets!

Buy the old fella’s book as well, do your part!

And then after the victory on the field, go sing We Are The Champions in MLSB with Kings Of Queen playing live. A Madness tribute act played their the other week and everyone had a good time. If you don’t like Queen, who cares? Would you rather go home and then regret it the next morning if you here our fantastic chairman has put on ANOTHER free bar*? It’s free entry for God’s sake, surely it’s worth the risk?!

*this is absolutely no, in no way, shape of form any sort of guarantee that there’ll be a free bar again, this is my speculating, deal with it.

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