Notts v Wolves II

In my previous blog post about the Wolves game, i wrote  the following about the attacks on the Notts supporter’s coaches:

“It goes without saying that both clubs have condemned the attacks, but why was it agreed prior to the match that the evening would be a stewards-only affair, with no police presence? If every supporter attending knew beforehand that there’d be a bit of needle, surely someone must’ve known it’d be wise to have the police on hand at least as a precautionary measure?”

Contrary to earlier reports, it has been confirmed to me by Notts that the decision to make the fixture a stewards-only tie was taken by Wolverhampton Wanderers and West Midlands Police. So, not between the two clubs as had previously been stated by some outlets.

Whilst the West Midland’s Police Football Unit choose to fall back on the wonder of hindsight, was it really so hard to predict that there may have been some sort of flashpoint during the evening?

They happily point out that Birmingham and MK Dons that night managed to go off without any trouble, almost as if they believe every football match is the same? Whilst they claim to there is no history between Notts County and Wolves, Lee Hughes’ history locally is hardly a story that’s been hidden away to be forgotten about.

Claims that police arrived on the scene inside seven minutes also fall terribly short of the 40/50 minute claims made by some supporters on the evening also, but make of this what you will.

Was there not one person in this unit that would’ve thought even for a second, that they shouldn’t sit back for the evening? Sounds like a lot of heads in the sand to me.

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