Well, it’s one less distraction for us.

That’s generally the accepted excuse when your club gets knocked out of a tournament, but in truth it was a realistic opportunity for the club to reach Wembley, so i find it hard to find a positive spin in Wednesday’ 2-1 defeat at Sheffield Wednesday.

Yet again Craig Short’s XI were in a generous mood as they gifted the homeside a 2-0 lead inside 20 minutes with two goals from James O’Connor. A second Ben Davies free-kick in eight days added a pinch of respectability to the score, but the comeback never came.

But whilst it may be the predictable response, it genuinely is one less distraction for a side struggling to find form in the league. That’s about where the positives end.

Meanwhile, today is the official 100th anniversary of the day that Notts County moved to the Meadow Lane stadium, so happy birthday to the old girl!

But while the club insists on tomorrow’s matchday being the day for celebrations, at this early stage it’s paramount that the players that start the match don’t lose sight that so early in the season, three points are already so vital.

After last week’s scenes of ecstacy at Bournemouth, you’re left with the cold reality the side has only taken four points in as many games and improvements need to be made. Tomorrow’s game with Yeovil is another of those opportunities to make people take notice of Notts County with an early statement…but in truth, how many more of these opportunities can be passed up?

The likes of Bish, Burgess and perhaps most notably Hughes are fit to return from injury. As i’ve said before, whether Hughes should stroll back into the side is well up for debate. Since the Watford match in the League Cup that he missed, Smith and Jervis have impressed in their roles from the substitutes bench at Bournemouth.

It really would be harsh on both players were they to be dropped in favour of a player who (for all his prowess in the final third) in fairness hasn’t had as much as a half chance in the games he’s played.

Distribution improved last weekend, is last season’s top scorer the man to put the ball away in place of Smith and Jervis and really put Meadow Lane in a celebratory mood?

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  1. Ncfcog says:

    Happy birthday Meadow Lane!

    Centenary celebrations aside I agree tomorrow is a must win game even at this early stage!

  2. richyfoster says:

    I honestly don't think Short would risk not starting Hughes if he is fit. If we did lose today heaven forbid, (we) the supporters would be on his back for this decision.
    I agree we need to give someone a prolonged spell in the side up front with him to build a partnership and that should be a perm player not a loanee. Smith for me!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi Stu, another good read, agree with your comments about the JPT, I would have liked a run in that comp for a change.

    Disagree (of course, being a Hughesy fan) about him maybe not starting. I'd like to see him and Smith up front for this match. It's been when Burgess has played that we've resorted to hoofball, we didn't do it with Hughesy up front last season most of the time, and I don't think he's the reason we have done so this season. Whilst I think BBB would also benefit from playing it on the floor and I'm not one of those who have been on his back, I think Hughesy brings much more to the team than just his goals. His work-rate and determination also, to me, inspire the team, and I think he and Smith could be a formidible pairing. I hope they get a chance together.

    Come on you Pies. Lets have a win for our 100th year at ML!


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