Oldham v Notts

This isn’t going to plan really is it?

Two games down and things couldn’t have been much more different in anyone’s wildest dreams.

A frontline that dominated much of what stood in front of them last season is yet to seriously test either of the goalkeepers they have faced in the league, and a previously watertight defence that has conceded six soft goals in two games. To put things into perspective, Steve Cotterill’s title-winning side of last year only conceded six in his 18 games at the helm.

To be fair, things couldn’t be any further from that crisis i alluded to in my previous post but it’s still not the sort of start anyone would’ve expected. Whilst Notts find themselves bottom by a clear three goals, the likes of also-promoted Rochdale find themselves with two creditable draws, whilst Bournemouth today put five goals past a side that last year was playing the Championship.

It’s facts like this that make you want to believe things will turnaround quickly. But on the pitch the players continue to do little to inspire confidence despite their apparent best efforts.

Players who last year that could control games whilst still having another a gear or two to step upto have failed to hit the ground running like they needed to and will now start to find the transition in league’s even harder to adjust to.

What remained of last season’s team spirit may just be ditching the team at the most inopportune of moments. At least with last week’s home humbling at the hands of Huddersfield the team had a chance to take out their aggression on Plymouth in the cup. Now it’s a long seven day wait, something the team seldom experienced at the tail end of last season.

What comes next for Notts is consecutive games against teams they shared a division with just 12 months ago. Play-off victors Dagenham & Redbridge are the visitors to Meadow Lane on Saturday in a fixture we won last year (mildly coincidentally) 3-0. Bank Holiday Weekend however sees an increasingly daunting trip down to the south coast for Bournemouth.

You can’t (and logically don’t) measure a season on it’s first two games, but the next two games at least should offer a clearer indication on how far the team has come since last season’s embarrassment of riches.

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  1. Quite surprised at that start but keep your chin up mate, things will turn around! We're not exactly tearing up League Two either lol!

  2. aaron says:

    WE ARE SHIT!!!!! why the FUCK is short there??? hes got no credible managerial experience, he spent his time in the hungarian wilderness recieving death threats for his teams poor performances, if were to get anything out of this season, short MUST go!!!!

  3. Stu says:

    Sorry Aaron, but no. We're two games in, there's absolutely no way you can rate a team or it's manager in the space of 180 minutes in the League.

    People shouldn't be so quick to forget that we had a very good result in midweek against Plymouth as well!

  4. aaron says:

    game 1, we registered 2 or 3 shots on target all game, if that was me, id be dissapointed if we managed that in the first half

    you can say he needs more time, or he needs to get his team settled, whatever, truth of it all is simple, he has no experience at this level, he has no clue what the hell hes doing, the longer he stays, the more it will hurt us, we notts might as well give me the managers job, the best experience ive had is a local pub team although i did play at semi pro level, i bet i could do a much better job than this clown!

  5. Stu says:

    I will say he needs more time, because he does.

    I agree with you about Craig Short's experience. When he joined it took me a while to get my head around it because there were better options out there. But he's what we've got and we should stick by the manager and the players, not put the boot in when they're down.

    Looking at the bigger picture, what has Ray Trew done yet to let the club down? He obviously saw something in Craig to set him apart from the more experienced candidates (money is not the issue, because if Craig came in RT was looking for a Technical Director) so i'd be happy to trust in his choice…for now.

    Seasons generally don't take shape until the 10/15 game mark anyway, anything at that point and we will have a genuine crisis that needs to be looked at.

  6. aaron says:

    by 10/15 games we will be screwed!!!! RT has not put a foot wrong since coming in to the club, but sadly, im strongly convinced his fucked up on a MASSIVE scale with this appointment, short is not experienced enough, hes no where near knowledgable enough, and his tactics look like they have been plucked from a schoolboy team!

  7. Stu says:

    10/15 is the time to reach for the panic button, but we won't be screwed at all, there'd still be three quarters of the season remaining.

    What we need now is MASSIVE response next Saturday from fans and players. Daggers are easily beatable, let's push on and get the season started!

  8. aaron says:

    SHOULD be a 4 or 5 nil game mate, it really should looking at the team sheets

    but im slightly reserved about this, kinda concerned were gonna lose, and i wouldnt be suprised if we failed to score yet again

  9. Stu says:

    If the players turn up and play like we know they can, then it'll be comfortable. The tactics and lineup needs to change a lot though for that to happen.

  10. aaron says:


    they need a complete overhaul

    example, look at spicer vs plymouth, he was fantastic, but he gets dropped because lee hughes is fit and sorted out, sorry yea, but if someone is playing well, KEEP THEM IN THE TEAM!! make the other players work hard in training to get there spots back, will bring the best out in everyone instead of them getting lazy like meh fuck it, i dont need to give it 100% because i know im promised a place next saturday anyways so imma take my time, FCK THAT i wanna see the notts county i saw last season, that would go out onto the park, and totally decimate ANYONE who stood in there way of that title

  11. Stu says:

    To be fair, i think Hughes had to come back into the team. In League Two we were fortunate enough to still be able to score plenty when he wasn't in the team. This year we won't get things our own way so easily.

    It wouldn't have hurt today to bench Burgess and see how we worked with Tuesday's team but with Hughes leading the line. Burgess isn't performing well so far so it'd give him a bit of hunger to put in some more effort when he gets his chances.

    No sense at all in dropping Spicer though, what does that do for the lad when he picks the team up off the floor with his goal and he's dropped days later?

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