Just When You Thought It Was Safe

Time can apparently be a great healer, so they say. In Notts County’s case though, not so much.

Nine months on since the Munto era collapsed into Peter Trembling’s lap, and seven months on from since he then jumped ship in favour of Ray Trew’s more learned approach to running a football club, the press still finds enough stories to shine an all too dim light down upon Meadow Lane.

Earlier this week it emerged that City Law Financial (former representatives of the club from July last year until this past February) were suing Notts for £326k for the grand total of TEN unpaid invoices. Unsurprisingly, it’s reported that none of these invoices were brought to the attention of Mr Trew at the time of his takeover.

The club’s naive previous owner Peter Trembling has returned (thankfully temporarily) to the scene of last year’s horror show to assist the club whilst the matter is dealt with. Ray Trew and associates have accepted and paid £100k of the claimed balance, but continue to dispute the remainder.

In the sort of comedy news piece you’d find at the end of a news bulletin…Friend of the club, The Guardian’s Matt Scott in the meantime brings some great news. Rather fantastically, the man you’d have to consider responsible for the Munto fiasco in the first place has reared his ugly head once more.

Apparently, Liverpool have approached Russell King, the honourable swine with a view to finding new buyers of the Merseyside giants. You really couldn’t make it up. Is the Anfield board so blind in desperation that even Russell King is a viable means of salvation?

In a further twist, King had apparently been involved with Liverpool in 2006 when the board visited him in Dubia. Here, he made himself up to be the prime bullshit merchant he so clearly is…but hey, why should that stop the Anfield board?

Officially, as you’d expect, the club refuse to comment.

And then to heap further embarrassment on Notts County Football Club this week, was the release by the Football League of the 2009/2010 Agent Fees Report. Embarrassment quite frankly, might just be too soft a word.

£366,781 was spent on combimed player representatives in League Two, with a huge £246,483 was down to Notts’ own spending. This actually equates to being more than double what the rest of the League had spent, with relegated Grimsby Town the closest at £17,775.

The report even shows you can’t maybe claim that the club were involved in more negotiations than anyone else either. 14 clubs in fact made more deals than Notts County. You have to wonder just what sort of money were the men behind the likes of Sol Campbell and Kasper Schmeichel making out of Trembling’s immense naivety?

With the figures in black and white as they are, it’s hard not to feel at least a little bit of sympathy for the clubs who had to sit by whilst one man pissed non-existent money down the drain.

With life in League One thus far not looking as rosey as people would’ve hoped, the last thing the players or fans need is the discrepancies of the past rearing themselves again.

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  1. Richyfoster says:

    Good blog again mate. It's funny how all of our opinions changed about Matt Scott when the Munto bubble burst wasn't it!
    Whatever we say about last season, it was my favourite since 89/90 and tbh I don't think it would have been the same without the involvement of 'Judas' Sol and 'Fatman' King. It's funny that Grimsby spent the least on Agent Fees and were relegated, we spent the most and were Champions!

  2. Ncfcog says:

    Great blog again Stu. I have to say I think they're getting better. I agree with Richyfoster in that last season was the best I have enjoyed since 1990. I just hope that the new management team have the guile and indeed financial clout to finally put all this bad press to bed and look forward to being in the spotlight for all the right reasons, football!

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