World Cup 2010 pt.4: The End

Why am i bothering anymore? Read my last blog, could i have gotten it more wrong? Perhaps just read the post before that one, there’s no need really for me to dust off all the adjectives again is there?

Sunday’s performance was many things, but most notably equally eye-opening as it was heartbreaking.

In the days that have passed the post-mortem has predictably come out with a million and one different excuses. The players, the press, the coaching team, the wages, even the alignment of the planets in a distant solar system…probably.

But let’s not make excuses. We’re just not good enough, and even i’m aware of that now following Sunday’s mauling. I was blissfully ignorant to think we could really make an impression in this tournament. I thought it was nothing short of astounding that we’d come through our qualification group so comfortably having had the skids put under us by our nearest rivals in the group.

All i’m left to ponder now is just how poor Croatia must’ve really gotten since their Euro 2008 campaign.

So rather than add my words to the record books about the past, i’d rather concentrate on the future. I figure that’s the best way to bring out any last positivity i may have about the national side.

What needs to change? Perhaps what doesn’t need to change is more appropriate. I do believe we need to keep the faith with Fabio Capello. When all is said and done you can only beat what it’s in front of you, and bar the one blip, Fabio did this with aplomb. Whether the FA would even have the spine to release him and send him with a £12m payoff is another question, but i do believe he should stay.

After all, he’s still better than Steve McLaren…yet still no Sven, that’s a concern.

The more sweeping changes need to be made on the pitch, and quickly.

When Steve McLaren came in, his poorly-veiled statement of intent was to drop David Beckham. It backfired horribly and Beckham was called upon mere months later. Capello needs to unleash his own statement, and stick to it.

England next play in just over a month’s time, and if there’s any justice we’ll be a few household names down. The likes of Lampard, Gerrard and Terry must surely start to look over their shoulders. All three will be pushing the mid-30s by the time of the next World Cup, it’s hard to imagine all three finding a place in the side come 2014, so let’s bring in some younger players to give them experience between now and then.

We still have the young quality in the likes of Adam Johnson, James Milner, Joe Hart, Theo Walcott and Ashley Young to hopefully get through our Euro 2012 qualifying group so let’s give them some major tournament experience for the summer after next.

With all this said, it’s safe to assume the starting lineup next month will have minimal changes to it!

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