Notts v Cardiff City

I’m an optimistic person at the best of times. My confidence in an enjoyable World Cup are testament to that.

But following yesterday’s victory over a side who could so easily have found themselves in the Premiership come mid-August, such optimism might (just for once) be justified.

Of course you do need to remember that at the end of the day it’s just a friendly that’s mostly irrelevant really, but the performance on show was brilliant! Cardiff City found no answer to the Notts backline, Krystian Pearce most notably didn’t put a foot wrong all game…whether this alerts other club before he puts pen to paper is the biggest concern now!

Up front, Ben Burgess completed dominated anything in the air whilst looking rather useful on the ground also. Any other day he’d have probably picked up Man Of The Match, such was Pearce’s complete command of the game.

The game was won in the first half, Lee Hughes picking up where he left off last season with both goals. Much has been said of what sort of impact Lee might have in League One with the step up in competition. On this showing i don’t think it’s too out of the question to think we could have another 20+ goal this year. He looks to have dropped a few pounds in the off-season which will no doubt boost his stamina this season too.

18-year-old trialist Rhema Obed from Arsenal was given a short run out with ten minutes remaining, assigned the task of marking the third-rate Craig Bellamy for the game’s closing stages and handled the task well. Wasn’t hard to picture Chopra getting under the younger’s skin in hope of bringing out a mistake, but it was never an issue as Cardiff pushed for an undeserved equaliser.

I do worry for Cardiff. Like i said in my last blog post, i’ve a lot of Cardiff City supporting friends so it’s not much fun watching their team in such disarray. I noted that their off the field problems would either bring them together as a team or tear the team apart from the inside. After such an ineffective display yesterday, the early signs aren’t too good right now.

Not that i’m complaining about taking the bragging rights on this occasion!

Strap yourselves in, another season awaits. This time, we might just be allowed to concentrate purely on what’s happening on the pitch.

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