Steve Cotterill

So that’s that then, two Manager Of The Month accolades and a league title later, and Steve Cotterill might possibly have left as quickly as he came in!

All still up in the air of course, Steve insists he’ll make a decision when he returns from a break he’s taking, but telling reporters “I’ve loved my time at the club, it couldn’t have gone better for me and i thank everyone for being involved in that” will do nothing to ease the supporter’s concerns.

Following his post-match interview this afternoon, it’s clear to all that it’s likely to take a turnaround of epic Ray Trew’s administration u-turn proportions for Steve to still be at Meadow Lane next season.

Could it be argued that perhaps the Notts County “project” (in it’s current, more sensible form) is only half done at this point? Absolutely. But should anyone be surprised that Steve has exited the club so abruptly? Absolutely not.

Based on previous post-match statements, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone so detached of all sentiment for Notts County when it comes to making his decisions. It’s been obvious in recent weeks that he didn’t see Notts as a long-term position. It’s a statement of the man’s character that after the emotional highs of Darlington and Cheltenham that he would not be drawn to a full time committal.

Not that any of this should be misconstrued as negatives. He’s led nobody on with regards to his intentions, he’s just got on with the job at hand and led Notts County across the finish line to possibly the most impressive title victory in it’s history.

Cotterill is the first man to admit he had one eye on that trophy as another solid notch on his CV, and who can blame him?

Prove me wrong Steve, please.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Normally enjoy your blogs but this one seems ill formed.
    You claim it isn't negative but in fact it is.
    Steve Cotterill's post match demeanour is no different than it has been with his previous jobs, it's just the way he is.

  2. Stu says:

    I mean the way Steve has conducted himself, i don't think he's been negative at all, he's just been straight about it. I don't think his actions should be taken as negative.

    It's not as if he's led people on to think he'd be staying on, he's been perfectly blunt from the start about his ambitions.

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