Steve Cotterill II

So it turns out that whilst Steve Cotterill was in many eyes the man for the job, but it didn’t turn out to be the job for the man.

It’s been confirmed this morning that talks between the club and Steve have broken down, and that he’ll be leaving the club having failed to secure a new deal, with the club’s apparent top seven budget not enough.

And i’ll thank him for a job well done! He doesn’t owe us anything at all. Too much talk on the internet about how he “owes” Notts County for them pulling him out of the football wilderness. How can that possibly be?

What more repayment could this man offer aside from the title? He signed a three month contract, brought home the league title and now he’s leaving. Fair play to him i say, was someone supposed to chain him to the radiator?

One of the more popular soundbites recently has been how apparently “any” manager could’ve done what Steve Cotterill did with the assembled squad of players, but the facts and figures couldn’t really be further from the truth.

It’s no use having a fantastic playing squad if you don’t have the right person to unlock the player’s potential, and out of the four who had a go at this through the season, Steve Cotterill is simply the only one to pass the test.

Charlie McParland, the man who assembled the squad began the campaign brightly but his season ended with just six wins in 14 games, and only short of as many defeats. Dave Kevan, a man who’s legacy was written in stone after an FA Cup Replay win at Wigan won 54% of his games at the helm, winning seven and losing just two in his 13 games.

So, two men with their heart at the club, a factor many people seem to feel is important. But really, why? What’s more important? Someone from outside of the club coming in and getting the results needed, or is holding on to some sort of sentimental attachment more important?

What about a manager with considerably more experience than both men combined? Step forward Hans Backe, a man with experience domestically in Sweden, Greece, Denmark, England, and internationally alongside Sven at Mexico? With the squad at his disposal, surely you’d expect nothing less than a massive win percentage?

No. Four wins in his nine games before he joined Sol Campbell in cottoning on to Munto Finance. So, winning 44% of his games with our self-proclaimed best squad in the League. Still think “any old manager” could’ve taken us to the League title.

Steve Cotterill took over with the club in seventh place, with one aim. Promotion, via any means necessary. At the time not one single Notts County supporter would’ve told you we could’ve won the League, in fact more would’ve been content with a playoff slot after all the club’s turmoil throughout the season.

The run of results was phenomenal by anyone’s standards, with 14 wins in 18 games, giving him a higher win percentage (77%) than any of the other contenders, and spread across more games too. No time for finding his best squad, he just got on with things and somehow found a title winning formula from the off where three men had previously fallen short.

Unfortunately though, it’s still the end of another managerial reign at the Lane, but it’s not often we can wave a manager off congratulating him on a job so well done so let’s be grateful for Steve’s efforts, and not soil the season’s achievements just because he and the club couldn’t agree terms.

But onwards and upwards, this isn’t like previous departures where we wonder who can possibly save us from the brink of despair. As of August we’ll be a League One outfit, and Ray Trew will have the situation in hand.

The club’s running won’t have been put on hold, and he’s already got apparent big names wanting to be a part of the club, so there’s still plenty to be positive about going forward!

Thanks for the memories Steve, it’s been emotional!

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