Final Day Blues

Hard to get excited today, this isn’t a season i ever want to end. But granted, we’ve had worse final day feelings than this.

But in my opinion, you’d be hard pressed to find a story for a season as ridiculous as this. It could quite literally be turned into a film and be critically panned for the plot’s lack of realism.

This has been the story of a club taken over by a bunch of filthy rich unknowns planning domestic football domination, bringing in a cast of AAA stars to help them along the way. The sinister twist coming upon their hasty departure when it was clear they actually had nothing in the bank at all! Disaster loomed. The off-field media magnets departed. The club were mere hours from administration before Ray Trew had a change of heart and offered the club fantastic stability for the future.

The on the field subplot reflected matters off the field. Complete uncertainty about the campaign, before stepping up a gear before running away with the title by a country mile. Unbelievable right?

The most epic season in the history of Notts County Football Club. It’s no wonder so many of us don’t want it to end. It’s been like living a dream, only seems like last week that we were hoping at least for a play-off place from the season!

Our city rivals Forest’s playoff first leg is currently on the TV. Entertaining game. I don’t particularly mind if Forest go up, i just think it would be good for the City and for County if they could pick up a few more people on the turnstyles looking for a fix of football when the Premiership isn’t in town next year. Then again, Ian Holloway in the top flight would be no bad thing whatsoever!

Onto County, and there’s nothing of any significance riding on the game today, it’s little more than a final day battle between the division’s two form teams. Torquay’s recent run has assured them of their safety upon their return to league football, whilst County’s players will inevitably be a little fatigued after a week of (deserved) end of season partying.

The only thing the Magpies have left to aim for is the 100 goals for the season, meaning the Notts strikers have to find four goals against a defence that hasn’t conceded in their last six games. In fact, Torquay only needs to hold tight for 22 minutes (not five like many are reporting) to break the club’s record for not conceding a goal, so four goals isn’t going to be that easy a task.

That said, final day of the season has always struck me as the day for freak results. So why shouldn’t this apparently water-tight defence get a hammering from a side who’ve won their last two games 5-0? On paper though, it’s a case of the irresistible force versus the immovable object. Surely someone has to budge?

With so little riding on the game, i’ve put a few sneaky bets on for the first time in a while. Maybe Thommo could step up and finish the game off with a penalty to finish the scoring? Or unthinkably, if Notts were to lose a half time lead and be on the other end of a defeat? Either outcome would pocket me £33!

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  1. joey says:

    Interesting read welly, It seems up how many of us feel and I for one would like to experiences another season similar to this one. (Just without the off-the field panto)Also I would like to see forest promoted, as it would be a good thing for our city. If we do well in league one, hopefully we can climb into the position in which they have.

    ~Notts Joe

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