The Promotion Party (epilogue)

So the dust has settled on Saturday’s promotion party (party in the loosest sense of the term) and thoughts turn to the visit Keith Hill’s Rochdale who will be en-route to Meadow Lane tomorrow night.

For a day that had the club itself had labelled the Promotion Party for the team, celebrations after Saturday’s final whistle against Morecambe were understandably low-key. The message was clear by all on the pitch…the job was not yet done.

Let the Rochdale faithful enjoy their promotion, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who said it wasn’t deserved. Truth be told, no team deserves to be stuck in the basement division that long!

For us though? Well, we want the title that Rochdale more or less had their hands on, so the job is only half done. A small minority had craved a pitch invasion to let their emotions out, but that playing surface (already struggling to keep up) still has it’s part to play in our season.

Ray Trew has been good enough to accept that the supporters will be welcome onto the pitch…but that he would rather the Meadow Lane faithful when we’ve clinched the title. By some steward’s (the same stewards who rather hastily put the skid’s under the side’s on-pitch celebrations on Saturday) accounts the fans will be welcome on the pitch for the final home game against Cheltenham. So another two week’s wait won’t hurt anyone for now!

So, excuse us momentarily if we don’t get overly excited over a job half done.

And what of that Keith Hill? Well his comments on Saturday of “If we can’t catch them, the taxman will” would seem to be the straw that broke the wealthy camel’s back, with Ray Trew this morning posting an open letter to chairmen in League Two. Read it here as soon as you’re able to, it’s a cracking read from a man no longer prepared to address these people individually. Certainly adds a little bit more spice to Tuesday’s encounter!

Before i finish, allow me to send out a quick hello and get stuffed to Manish of BBC1′s The Football League Show for his proverbial pissing on our chips on Saturday night. This third-rate Gary Lineker wannabe saw fit to add that our promotion was tempered by the wages we were paying out to our staff…is this man of the belief that teams like Chelsea and Manchester City are on a level playing field compared to the likes of Wolves or Burnley in the Premiership?

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