The Football League

So according to reports coming out tonight, The Football League just might not be done with Notts County Football Club yet.

Just a week after Lord Brian Mawhinney’s departure, having done us no favours at all in recent weeks (apparently down to pressure from other League Two clubs), his replacement Greg Clarke has already made it clear enough that Notts County are firmly in his sights.

“I’ve got a team investigating Notts County before deciding what action to take.” How wonderful. I assume he wishes to “take action” based us operating outside of the salary cap…a salary cap we broke all down to a takeover that The Football League themselves ratified. Many (if not all) Notts fans would be forgiven for thinking that the transfer embargo the club has suffered was punishment enough.

After all, this is an embargo we’re still stuck with despite now operating within the salary cap thanks to large investments by Chairman Ray Trew. Yet at a recent meeting of Football League Chairmen, despite acknowledgement we were operating within the rules, apparent pressure from these other Chairman forced The Football League’s hands. Unbelievable.

None of this comes as news to Notts County fans, but it can’t hurt to educate (or in some cases, bludgeon to death with solid facts) some other club’s supporters.

Would surprise me very much if Ray Trew hadn’t commented on this by the end of the night!

update the next morning Ray Trew has said on the NCM boards the club has no case to answer. I’ll go with that for the timebeing!

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