Northampton Town v Notts

Brilliant day, only slightly slowed down by the lack of beer! Took a long my Cardiff City-supporting friend Tom (pictured on his phone!) for the day’s events.

He’d only driven up from Barry (just outside of Cardiff) that same morning so it was quite an effort on his part…i’d say he even enjoyed himself at times during the game, he at least got stuck in for a few songs.

Got to the ground way too early, were amongst the first ones in. I’m not a heavy drinker by any means, but i was certainly looking forward to a quick couple of beers or ciders before the game…huge disappointment that there wasn’t, but hardly a gamechanger!

County’s performance was nothing short of terrible in the first half. Kasper in goal like so many times this season having to keep us in the game. First in a one on one situation where much like his father Peter, spread himself to deny Steve Guinnan of Northampton the day’s leveller. Not too long after Kasper took a horrific fall onto his neck, lying motionless for a good minute or two before shaking the cobwebs off. A lot of concerned faces around, was a huge relief to see him back on his feet.

Getting to half time at 0-0 was huge for us. Said to Tom we just needed to get the side into the dressing room, have Cotterill give them a roasting and tell the side that Rochdale and Bournemouth were both losing and we’d be a different team. The buzz in the South Stand where we were as the scores from the Rochdale and Bournemouth games was fantastic. We’d had the perfect Easter with the results around us, and that looked like continuing for another weekend!

Was a great atmosphere in the South Stand all game long, Sixfields is just so lacking in emotion generally, quite sad for their highest gate of the season! County’s travelling support of just over 1,300 outsang the home faithful for the vast majority of the game.Half time saw the massively ineffective Luke Rodgers make way for Delroy Facey, in a move likely to be seen as one of the season’s most shrewd substitutions yet. The man’s holding up skills in the corner were the only thing i found lacking in his performance! From the left he whipped in a cross Ben Davies would’ve been proud of, right onto the head of Hughes in the middle who really should have done better with either of his headers!

I’m not one of these conspiracy theorists or anything, but how many more terrible referees are Notts County going to get? You genuinely want to believe that they can’t get any worse but they actuallly do! I don’t think it was just me, but how can we dragged all over the shop for 90 minutes and still walk out with four yellow cards? Six in the game wasn’t there? Didn’t think it was “that sort of game” at all. To think this was a referee who spends the majority of his team taking charge of games between the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea is just ridiculous. Andy D’urso, you’re a disgrace.

The final whistle was a huge relief, the second half was much improved on County’s part but Northampton still had their moments, not least when Kasper was beaten and the ball had to be cleared on the line! Still a great victory in a game i would’ve taken a draw before kick-off, in what i had considered to be our toughest remaining game of the season…i’d like to think Rochdale won’t be too difficult at Meadow Lane next week!

I’ll end with a big hello to the few County supporters who had gathered in the TGI Friday’s opposite Sixfields after the game. Was a great feeling when Sky Sports News flashed up the League Two table after what felt like an hour looking at the bottom of League One!

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