Luke Rodgers

So it looks like we’re about to say goodbye to Luke Rodgers (permit pending, could be another story in itself before we’re done!), in what could only been seen as yet another fairytale story to go with all the others from this season.

Hans Backe, the Swede that we were told had turned down the job as Swedish national coach to join us at Meadow Lane is now plying his trade with the New York Red Bulls having left NG2 almost as quickly as he’d arrived!

With all due to respect (and it is due, more on that later) to Luke, if Hans is to insist on raiding his former club for talent…why Rodgers? For a side ripe with talent that WILL make an impact next season in League One, why opt for a player who has struggled at times this season and who our own chairman has admitted he would only have a cameo role next year?

Opposition support outside of Meadow Lane have been waiting for some sort of exodus to start and they’ll inevitably see this as the moment they’ve been waiting for. But i very much doubt a single person even loosely affiliated with Notts County can hold any ill feeling towards Luke for snapping up this move!

What makes it even more ridiculous is that from next season, it looks as if he’ll plying his trade alongside the God-like genius (let’s forget that night in Paris just for a moment) that is Thierry Henry. Yup. Rodgers, and Henry. As if Luke hasn’t been through enough highs and lows this season, he ends in this manner. Fair play to the lad!

As for that respect. The times i’ve been able to see County this year, i’d be hard pushed to name anyone who’s ran their hearts out anymore than Luke. The guy obviously has talent, he’s just a little rough around the edges, maybe Hans Backe is just the man to bring out the final product in him. Seven dozen offsides a game hardly helps his cause!

The man will always be a legend in my eyes for his goal against Rotherham two weeks ago. A tense game, heading for a respectable enough draw. Long ball from Kasper, a flick from Hughesy, and in off the underside. Que madness in the Kop! Luke rips his shirt off (collects a booking…do you think anyone on three sides of the stadium really cared?!) and stampedes across the majority of the pitch like a madman. Incredible moment, really was a special moment, that walk out of the Kop could’ve last all night and no one would’ve cared!

All the best to you for the future Luke if it works out for you! Wish i could be a part of the Meadow Lane crowd tomorrow night for the Lincoln City fixture to be part of your send-off!

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