So it’s the night before some corporate fellow in a suit presents captain John Thompson with a nice, shiny piece of silverware.

It’s easy to forget that with all the talk around the club of pitch invasions, celebratory merchandise and trophy presentations that there’s actually a game tomorrow at Meadow Lane. Cheltenham are the visitors, a team in truth who will be far more desperate for the points than Notts thanks to their relegation battle.

The biggest talking point of the week is probably how the Magpies this week asked supporters to not invade the playing surface at the final whistle.

Before this, Ray Trew had most recently said that he knew people would want to run on the pitch, but that he would much rather we had waited until we were champions. Fair enough, and people understood the stance perfectly.

However both the club and local constabulary have now gone to lengths to warn of the legal implications, but most notably that the presentation itself could be postponed for another day. By many accounts this still hasn’t been enough to deter everyone. It wouldn’t be a surprise at all to see people on the pitch come 4.45 tomorrow afternoon.

What’s most disappointing about the situation is the club’s refusal to reach a compromise. The idea of not invading the pitch was to give everyone within the stadium’s confines an equal opportunity to revel in the club’s success. Fair enough that we perhaps shouldn’t be so hasty to get onto the playing surface, but what about later?

Why not let the club handle the presentation, let the players enjoy a lap (or three) of honour and then let fans leave the stands so the players can enjoy their moment from the Derek Pavid Stand’s balcony? Surely this is the best of both worlds? The club’s lack of comment would suggest otherwise it seems.

Personally, i’m fine going along with the club’s wishes. For everything Ray & Aileen Trew have done for this club it literally is the least we could do for them. That said, i can still see the point of view from those people who want to insist on encroaching on that one particular piece of grass out of all the grass patches in the country!

If it happens, it happens. If it happens and the presentation is postponed, i genuinely hope the people responsible rot in hell. Reasonable enough?

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  1. Gill! says:

    Very Reasonable! :-D

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